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In our 40-year history, we have acquired several material handling product lines, such as Knickerbocker, Brudi and Swingshift. The attainment of these lines has allowed Super Fab to compete in a wide variety of industries, such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, construction, and forestry. Today, we continue to build, service, and improve these products to better serve our wide breadth of customers.

Super Fab can offer a diverse assortment of carriages and attachments in a range of mounting styles and capacities. Mounting styles include: ITA Classes II-V, pin, bolt-on, welded/fixed, integrals, as well as custom mounting. Standard carriages and attachments from Super Fab offer capacities up to 36,000 pounds, and customized units can be designed to achieve even higher capacities. Our innovative designs are not limited to forklift truck attachments, but are available to a wide range of material handling equipment, as well.


This carriage is capable of handling up to twelve (12) pallets at one time. The produce handler can also be load-leveling—ideal for the commercial agricultural market.

Today’s agricultural industry demands high productivity, reliability and effectiveness; Superior Fabrication Company, LLC’s Produce Handler can help your application attain all three.


Specifically designed for easy handling of concrete blocks, this attachment can hold a single unit of blocks.

This product is available to customers with the option of sideshifting capabilities to allow for safe maneuvering, as well as stress-free stacking on any terrain.


Doubling the capacity of the single block handler, the double block handler can make your operation more efficient and effective.

With side-shifting ability for each block stack, this attachment increases productivity, accuracy and safety within the work environment.


Hydraulically powered fork positioners provide the driver with the ability to move the forks for optimal placement under loads, without the need to leave the truck.

This carriage is exceptionally useful with high capacity trucks, in applications where forks are too heavy to move by hand. Fork positioning carriages can be tailored to your material handling needs, through simultaneous or independent fork movements.


The slope piler attachment allows the operator to adjust loads to the slope of the ground and/or truck bed.

This attachment is ideal for job site use on grades and uneven terrain. The slope piler is, both, side-shifting, and available with fork positioning..


This carriage allows drivers to move loads side to side for the best positioning. A cylinder is mounted to the base carriage to allow for movement.

Side-shift carriages are also available with fork-positioning capabilities. Side-shift carriages offer a simple, but effective solution to save time in a variety of material handling applications.

Drivers will spend less time trying to accurately place trucks, and more time towards accurately placing loads.


The swingshift carriage is used to position loads at an angle to the direction of the truck travel by swinging the carriage 10 to 20 degrees about the vertical axis.

Swingshift Carriages most commonly come with side-shifting capabilities and can be equipped with fork positioning.


Paired with standard forks, the load stabilizer is designed to keep fragile and unstable loads secure.

Use of the stabilizer attachment is ideal when handling precision equipment, liquid-filled containers, as well as other delicate loads.


The reach attachment will transform a standard truck into a reach truck; the reach attachment allows the operator to lift and place units with minimal movement of the truck.

This attachment is the ideal solution for unloading trailers near busy roads; with the use of the reach attachment, the operator can remain on one side of the trailer while unloading both sides, allowing for optimal safety.


Rams are designed for the handling of rolled or coiled materials, such as banded steel, carpet, wire, and iron.

The ram attachment is the perfect accompaniment to your truck, as it allows for ease of handling when transporting rolled or coiled materials, without causing damage to your load.


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